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  • Automatic wafer transfer system for wafer container
  • Transfer Robot with Auto alignment for PLP
  • JEL-image key visual

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Join us at SEMICON KOREA 2020!
Date: February 05 to 07, 2020
Venue: COEX (Convention and Exhibition Center), Seoul, Korea
Booth No.: A254


Building of New Factory
Saba factory is currently under construction and will be completed in May 2020.

Holiday Notice
JEL will be closed from 27th of April to 6th of May for Japanese holiday week.

We have updated the following 3D CAD drawings:

  · SCR3130CS (Robot for handling wafer up to 300 mm)
  · STCR4100S (Robot for handling wafer up to 300 mm)
  · STCR4130S (Robot for handling wafer up to 300 mm)
  · STCR4160SN (Closed-loop control)
  · SCR3160CSN (Closed-loop control)
  · GCR4210 (Stepping motor type)
  · GTCR5280 (Robot for handling wafer up to 300 mm)
  · MCR3200C (Robot for handling wafer up to 300 mm)
  · MTCR4160 (Tape frame handling robot)
  · MTCR4160L (Batch end-effector for 5 pieces of wafer)
  · SVCR3160 (Vacuum robot for handling wafer up to 300 mm)

3D CADデータ

25th Anniversary
On April 1st, 2018, JEL celebrated its 25th anniversary.
We would like to express our appreciation of your support.

25th Anniversary

Updated JELDATA3 software version
We have updated the communication software JELDATA3.
* There is no change to the functions with this version upgrade.

Updated JELDATA3 software version

Added robots to J-tech Center. Operation check using customers' wafer is available.

J-tech Center

Change of JEL’s Warranty Period
JEL’s warranty period was changed from 1 year to 2 years from JEL ex-work date.
Applicable Products: All JEL products that we order from June 1, 2016

2-year warranty

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 Watch our product lineup !(English subtitle)