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GTFR5280 (For 300 mm wafer)5-Axis Horizontal and Multi-Joint Type Clean Robot


Product Video

Usage Environment/Specifications

Usage Environment/Specifications

Product Profile

Model NameGTFR5280
EnvironmentClean room atmosphere
ArmSingle arm
Operating Range553 mm (3rd joint center)
Vertical Stroke320 mm
Payload CapacityBelow 4kg (calculated for the arm 3rd joint)

List of Product Model

Product ModelVertical Stroke
StandardGTFR5280-320-DM320 mm
  • The image above and the video are of GTFR5280-320-DM.


5-Axis horizontal and multi-joint type clean robot for 300 mm wafer.
A twin end-effector mounted on its single-arm has the same function as a twin-arm robot.
Designed for handling wafers in EFEM.
Compared to our conventional GTCR model, the cycle time is improved by reducing the operation prohibited area and the influence of speed limit.

  • 3 FOUP access is available without a track.
  • Twin end-effector reduces the wafer swap time.
  • AC servo motors with absolute encoders installed in all axes. (Batteryless)
  • Wafer holding: end-effector with vacuum suction, passive edge, edge grip.
  • Optimal end-effector is selectable according to the carrying object and line layout.

Standard Specifications

Example of standard specifications with JEL standard end-effector (vacuum type)
Specifications of Robot
Robot Model GTFR5280-320-DM
Carrying Object Up to 300 mm silicon wafer
Wafer Holding Method By vacuum suction
Robot Model Type Horizontal and multi-joint type Control Axis 5-axis
Motor Type AC servo motor (Batteryless)
Operating Range From the robot center to the wafer center Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)  
893 mm 320 mm  
Carrying Speed (Ave.) Arm (R-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)  
900 mm/sec(when cylindrical operation) 320 mm/sec  
Carrying Speed (Max.) Arm (R-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)  
1,500 mm/sec(when cylindrical operation) 540 mm/sec  
Repeatability Within ±0.05 mm
Cleanliness ISO Class 1
Utility Power: AC200V Single phase ±10% 2 kVA; Vacuum: -75 kPa or more
Mass Approx. 80 kg
Outline Drawing (Standard)


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