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Introduction of product videos exhibited at Semicon Japan 2021

Please take a look at the lineup of our exhibition robots for SEMICON JAPAN 2021.
Please feel free to contact us for more information about exhibition robots and our products.

New product

GTFR for 300 mm wafers

Designed for handling wafers in EFEM.
Compared to our conventional GTCR model, the cycle time is improved by reducing the operation prohibited area and the influence of speed limit.

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Low head SAL-HV for 300 mm wafers

Pre-aligner for centering and aligning orientation flat/notch at high speed and with high accuracy without being affected by wafer materials such as silicon wafers with BG tape (milky white) as well as silicon, transparent or translucent wafers.

KHR for 25 wafers batch transfer (300 mm wafers)

Capable of transferring 25 wafers at once.
The transfer time can be significantly reduced by batch transfer.

STCR for 150 or 200 mm chemical compound wafer

Designed for handling wafers in EFEM, production line or inspection line of semiconductor, and other systems at high speed.

SAL for 150 or 200 mm chemical compound wafer

No contact with backside of wafers by edge grip method.
Compatible with two wafer sizes.

MTCR for tape frame for 300 mm wafers

Equipped with AC servo motors for all axes, and capable of handling trays, small glass substrates as well as wafers.

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