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Bernoulli Hand

Bernoulli Hand

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Product Profile

Model Name Bernoulli Hand
Carrying Object 2 to 3 inch, 100 to 150mm (*)
* Also available for 200mm or 300mm.
Contact us for the detailed specifications.


Light and compact, the Bernoulli hand holds thin wafers using the Bernoulli principle.
Wafer breakage risk is minimized due to non-suction holding.
With the flexible front edge, the Bernoulli hand picks up wafers from the wafer containers or wafer cassettes and places wafers in them.
Accessible to various substrates as well as wafers.

  • Wafers can be lifted by the Cyclone effect.
  • Wafer holding by the pad (Fluorine-contained rubber)
  • The operator can adjust the hand in various angles with a flexible tube.

Standard Specifications

Carrying object 2 to 3 inch, 100 to 150mm wafer
Material Aluminum
Surface treatment Cyclone pad: Black alumite; Other parts of front edge: White alumite
Wafer holding By the Bernoulli’s principle using Cyclone pad
Payload Below 50g
Environment of operation Clean air, N2
Supply pressure Below 0.3MPa (Connection port)
Maximum air flow 15L/min
Mass 110g
  • No oil is required for the slide parts of release switch.
  • No. of cyclone pads used in standard model: 1 piece
  • Wafer holding by the pad (Fluorine-contained rubber)
  • Mounting bracket: 120-degree type (Standard Model), 90-degree type (Option)

Please contact us for the detailed specifications.

Pressure and lift force diagram
Operating range of flexible tube

Model No.

Two types of Bernoulli Hand are available.
BRP-01 is a short front edge type, which is suitable for horizontal installation or wafer containers.
BRP-02 is a long front edge type, which is suitable for horizontally-mounted cassettes.

BRP-01(Short front edge)

BRP-02(Long front edge)

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