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Privacy Policy

JEL Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is compliant with Personal Information Protection Low in Japan and handles any and all information pertaining to any personal information.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal Information is all information pertaining to any person's name, age, telephone number, E-mail address, address, etc. by which such person can be identified.

Purpose of Utilize the Personal Information

The Personal Information that the Company has obtained shall be used for the following purposes only;
1, When conducting any and all things needed to respond to any enquires
2, When the Company needs to contact or make announcement for the recruitment activities
3, When the Company needs to contact for any other purposes

Provision of Any Personal Information to Any Third Party

The Company shall never provide any and all Personal Information obtained to any other Third Party without obtaining prior consent. However, the Company may provide any Personal Information to any Third Party, provided that such information falls under any of the following items;
1, Provided by the laws and regulations
2, When required to protect the lives and properties in the cases where it is difficult to obtain consent
3, When required to cooperate the affairs or business concerning information conducted by a state organ, or a local public entity where obtaining consent is likely to hinder the proper execution of the said affairs of business

Correction or Deletion of the Personal Information

If you wish to correct or delete any Personal Information provided, please contact: contact email address The Company will deal with the matter as soon as the Company confirms the identification.

Modification of the Personal Information

The Company may modify the Privacy Policy from time to time. When any modification is made, the Company will post on the website to bring the users' notice. We regard the users agree to the modification of the Personal Information at the time when users access this site.

Cookies Policy

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