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Overhaul and Repair

For after-sales service request such as repair or overhaul, please download the request form below, fill out and fax or e-mail us. Before contact us, please refer to the serial number first. If any errors occur, please find the error codes or error contents. (see  Frequently Asked Question).

Service Request Form(PDF:20KB)


JEL recommends robot overhaul for customers to use our robots longer and to maintain functions. For overhaul request we mention below, please feel free to contact us. Also we have training programs for customers who want to understand our robots better or do basic maintenance work on their own.

Purpose of Overhaul
Replace consumables, slide parts, and damaged parts, etc. that have been used for a long time in order to maintain operating time afterward.
Recommended Overhaul Periods
Five years from JEL ex-work date (period varies depending on the installing environment and operating condition)
*For some robots used in particular environment, we recommend overhaul every year to every 2 years.
Contact us if you have any questions.
Replacement parts
Electric components (motors, encoders, sensors, or wires, etc.)
Slide parts (bearings, timing belts, ball screws, etc.)
Consumables (o-rings, seals, moving part cables, etc.)
Damaged parts (If there is no functional problem, we will explain damaged condition. In this case, we leave the decision about the replacement up to customers.)
Overhaul Main work
Condition confirmation
Disassemble/ assemble and adjustment
Functional inspection
In case the replaced parts get damaged due to defects of the product itself within 6 months from JEL ex-work date we will replace them free.
Delivery Date (regular period from when robots are returned to us to when we deliver the robots)
Robot for semiconductor: about 1.5 months
Robot for FPD: about 2 months
Contact us if you are in hurry. We will deal with quick delivery with part procurement and adjustment of production process in advance.
Also the adoption of standard robots can provide a delivery within 2 weeks (ex-works delivery).
Contact us with the serial number of your robot (6 to 8-figure numbers inscribed on robot). We can provide overhaul plans according to your budget (such as reduction of replacement parts).
Please consult with us at the following address for an overhaul or training request or any questions.

Contact information

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Tel: +81-84-932-6500
FAX: +81-84-932-6501
Contact sales representative or Service Engineering Section.