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Introduction of product videos exhibited at Semicon Japan 2023

Please take a look at the lineup of our exhibition robots for Semicon Japan 2023.
Please feel free to contact us for more information about exhibition robots and our products.

SSY -System with φ200㎜ SMIF POD-

POD opens/closes with SMIF opener
Up to 3 ports access is available with 5-Axis Horizontal and Multi-Joint Type Clean Robot

STCR -TAIKO™ and thin wafer handling robot-

Improved selectivity of wafer holdings
Enable to handle various wafers
Capable of installing large flow type Bernoulli or various sensors by increasing of flow rate, rigidity, and multi-wirings

"TAIKO™" is a trademark or registered trademark of DISCO Corporation.

STVCR -Vacuum robot with wafer alignment function-

Enable to handle wafers correcting the wafer center position with the external alignment sensors
Twin arm reduces the wafer swap time

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