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Frequently Asked Question

This page provides the frequently asked questions on our robots or products. Please click on a question below to go to the corresponding answer.
If you have any questions, please contact us . See “Before Contact” below and provide us information such as a serial number or error codes.
The recommended periodic inspection or maintenance interval of our robot is 1 year.
*Note that the interval may vary depending on robot models.
For details, please refer to the Maintenance and Inspection manual attached upon delivery.

Please refer to the serial number first to contact us on support. Contact us the error codes or contents for any error.

Serial Number (6- to 8-digit number)
A serial number is labeled or incised mainly on the lower part of connectors of robot/aligner, and the side of the LED display of a controller.
Error Code
Error codes are displayed on a controller's LED display.

List of Frequently Asked Questions (FQA)

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