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This year, SEMICON JAPAN will be held in a virtual, and we will exhibit our products at our virtual booth as below.
Please register beforehand to attend SEMICON JAPAN VIRTUAL, and join us online exhibition to experience our products.
We are really looking forward to seeing you at our virtual booth.

Virtual exhibition

Date: DEC. 14, 2020 (MON) – DEC. 17, 2020 (THU)

On-demand exhibition

Date: DEC. 11, 2020 (FRI) – JAN. 15, 2021 (FRI)


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  • Virtual exhibition 
  • How to register and attend SEMICON JAPAN VIRTUAL 

JEL booth at the exhibition

JEL booth in Semicon Japan 2019

Virtual exhibition

We will exhibit our various clean robots at our virtual booth.
Please enjoy our many customization options.
During exhibition, you can communicate with us through on-line chat or phone call. Please feel free to contact us!
We are really looking forward to your coming to our booth and experience our various products.

How to register and attend SEMICON JAPAN VIRTUAL

Attending SEMICON JAPAN VIRTUAL, you need to register in advance at the following link.

 Please click here to register.

During exhibition, please log in SEMICON JAPAN VIRTUAL with your registered password.

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