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SCR3160CSN (Closed-loop control)3-Axis Cylindrical Coordinate Clean Robot


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Product Profile

Model NameSCR3160CSN
EnvironmentClean room atmosphere
ArmSingle arm
Operating Range340mm (3rd joint center)
Vertical Stroke200mm / 300mm / 400mm / 450mm / 500mm
Payload Capacity3kg (calculated for the arm 3rd joint)

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Product ModelVertical Stroke


Path planning handling has joined the lineup of clean robot with the closed-loop control.
Access to the chamber stage arranged in parallel without a track improves the flexibility in the layout design and the cost-performance.
*Click to go to the page of the path planning handling video.

New type of 3-axis cylindrical coordinate type single-arm clean robot
For handling wafers from 2 inch to 300mm with low-cost, high-speed handling, and no step-out error

  • High reliability: Closed-loop control achieves no step-out error under rapid load change or acceleration.
  • Reduced origin search time: By absolute encoder
  • Equipped with the batteryless multi-rotation absolute sensor
  • Robot replacement is available: Compatible with conventional model (installation/performance)
  • High rigidity: Payload capacity of 3kg (calculated for the arm 3rd joint/including wrist-block, end-effector, and wafer)
  • Arm lineup: 100mm, 130mm, 160mm, 200mm
  • Base or flange mounting type is selectable according to the customer’s system layout.
  • Bernoulli end-effector is available (option)

Standard Specifications

Example of specifications with JEL standard end-effector (vacuum type)
Specifications of Robot
Robot Model SCR3160CSN-300-CM
Carrying Object Wafer up to 300mm (Available for various types of wafers)
Wafer Holding Method By vacuum suction
Robot Model Type Cylindrical coordinate type Control Axis 3-axis
Motor Type Stepping motor (Closed-loop)
Operating Range From the robot center to the wafer center Rotation Angle (Theta-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)
552.7mm 340deg 300mm
Carrying Speed (Ave.) Arm (R-axis) Rotation Angle (Theta-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)
610mm/sec 340deg/sec 250mm/sec
Carrying Speed (Max.) Arm (R-axis) Rotation Angle (Theta-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)
1220mm/sec 500deg/sec 320mm/sec
Resolution Arm (R-axis) Rotation Angle (Theta-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)
Below 10.0µm 0.0015deg 2.0µm
Repeatability Within ±0.1mm
Cleanliness ISO Class 2 (at wafer transfer level when exhausting driving part)
Utility Power: DC24V±10% 10A    Vacuum: -53kPa or more
Specifications of Controller
Controller Model C4000B series
Interface RS232C and parallel photo I/O
Outline Drawing (Standard)


Wrist-Block Unit
Model Name Total Length Mapping Sensor Thickness of Attaching End-Effector
SARS00169 38mm None 2mm
SARS00958 38mm None 3mm
SARS02659 75mm None 2mm
SARS02967 75mm None 3mm
SARS08603 80mm Transmissive sensor/Reflective sensor 2mm

*The table above shows the specifications of JEL standard wrist-block units. The other specifications are available.
*Click the items below to review the wrist-block units other than JEL standard types.

Model Name Size of Carrying Object End-effector Type (Thickness) Wafer Holding Method
SC-IW-200 3 inch, 100mm to 200mm I-shape (2mm) Vacuum suction
SC-IW-240 3 inch, 100mm to 300mm I-shape (2mm) Vacuum suction
SC-YW-200 100mm to 200mm Y-shape (2mm) Vacuum suction
SC-YW-227 100mm to 300mm Y-shape (2mm) Vacuum suction
SC-YW-240 100mm to 300mm Y-shape (2mm) Vacuum suction
3D-02229 150mm to 300mm Y-shape (2mm) Vacuum suction
SC3-YW-240 300mm Y-shape (3mm) Vacuum suction
3D-01661 300mm Y-shape (3mm) Vacuum suction
SC3-IW-240 300mm I-shape (3mm) Vacuum suction

*The table above shows the specifications of JEL standard end-effectors. The other specifications are available.
*Click the items below to review the end-effectors other than JEL standard types.

Operating Range
End-Effector/Wrist-Block Unit SARS00169 SARS02659 SARS08603 SARS00958 SARS02967
SC-IW-200 502.7mm 565mm 570mm - -
SC-IW-240 542.7mm 605mm 610mm - -
SC-YW-200 512.7mm 575mm 580mm - -
SC-YW-227 539.7mm 602mm 607mm - -
SC-YW-240 552.7mm 615mm 620mm - -
3D-02229 552.7mm 615mm 620mm - -
SC3-YW-240 - - - 552.7mm 615mm
3D-01661 - - - 552.7mm 615mm
SC3-IW-240 - - - 542.7mm 605mm
*The operating range in the table that is specified by the combination of the wrist-block unit and end-effector is an example only. The other combinations are available.

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