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Current Displayed Robots

New models and main products are on display in Head Office Showroom.
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5-Axis Horizontal and Multi-Joint Type Clean Robot: GTFR5280/
Multi work aligner: SAL38C3HV
Designed for handling wafers in EFEM.
New type of aligner available for any material of wafer for 200 to 300 mm wafer.

for 25 wafers batch transfer, 300 mm wafers: KHR3480
Capable of transferring 25 wafers at once.
The transfer time can be significantly reduced by batch transfer.
Available for the layout with multiple cassettes by equipping a rotation axis.

Clean robot with batch end-effector for 5 pieces of wafer
Clean robot with batch end-effector for 5 pieces of wafer: MTCR4160L
High-speed handling of cassette with different pitches for such as vertical furnace.

Wafer transfer robot/Aligner
Wafer transfer robot: STCR4160SN-300-CM/
Aligner: SAL38C2(Optical Aligner)
New type of twin-arm clean robot with low-cost, high-speed handling, and no step-out error.
Wafer aligner for semiconductor production or inspection lines.

Automatic wafer transfer system for wafer container
Automatic wafer transfer system for wafer container: SSY-20010
High accuracy transport of thin wafer inside the wafer container.

Table-top loader system for 100mm wafer: SSY-10000
Available for various types of wafers; 2, 3 inch, 100mm glass, sapphire, SiC, or GaN or others

Table-top Loader System: SSY-10000
Resolved the problems and issues caused by manual handling of wafers. Also improved product quality and yield ratio.

Bernoulli type end-effector and Bernoulli hand for thin or warped wafer
Bernoulli type end-effector (Contact type/Non-contact type) and Bernoulli hand for thin or warped wafer
Low-cost Bernoulli type end-effector available for customization. As an ideal end-effector for thin and warped wafers, we provide the Bernoulli type end-effector at its most suitable design according to the customers’ system layout.