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New Aligner "SAL3000HV Series" (Full auto-adjustment version)

SAL38C3HV (Multi work aligner)Wafer Aligner


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Usage Environment/Specifications

Product Profile

Product Model SAL38C3HV
Environment Clean room atmosphere
Wafer Size 200 to 300 mm
Carrying Object Transparent, translucent, or silicon wafer
  • The image is of SAL38C3HV.
  • The video is of full auto-adjustment software "JEL ALIGN TOOL".


Full auto-adjustment software  JEL ALIGN TOOL comes with Aligner SAL3000HV series that have been released on December 14, 2016.
Downtime can be reduced significantly.
*Click to go to the page of New Aligner "SAL3000HV Series" (Full auto-adjustment version)(*).
(*) Please note that this tool (software) is not for guaranteeing the positioning accuracy after adjustment. Make sure to check the positioning accuracy by using the customer’s inspection device at customer’s side.

New type of aligner available for any material of wafer for 200 to 300 mm wafer

  • High-speed, high-accuracy centering and flat/notch locating are available for silicon wafer with BG tape as well as silicon, transparent, or translucent wafer.
  • Equipped with JEL-developed image sensor, and internal motor driver and controller.
  • Size, shape, material of spindle can be changed according to the wafer type.
  • Bernoulli type is also available.
  • Control: RS232C and parallel photo I/O
  • Available for non-SEMI standard notch or flat
  • Optional Z-axis for pick-up/place operation is available.

Standard Specifications

Carrying Object SEMI standard 200 to 300 mm wafer (Transparent, translucent, silicon)
Positioning Time Centering : 3 sec (Wafer pick-up/placing time excluded)
Positioning Accuracy Centering: Within ±0.1 mm
Flat locating/Notch locating: Within ±0.1 deg
Sensor LED light + wafer edge detection with image sensor unit
Wafer Size Change By command control or switch
Cleanliness ISO Class 2 (at wafer transfer level when exhausting driving part)
Driving Method 2-phase stepping motor (for 3 axes)
Internal motor driver, controller
Utility Power: DC24V±10% 3A
Vacuum: -53 kPa or more
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