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SVCR32603-Axis Cylindrical Coordinate Clean Robot


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Product Profile

Model NameSVCR3260
EnvironmentVacuum (Temp. 15°C to 50°C)
Driving unit:Clean room atmosphere  (Temp. 15°C to 40°C)
ArmSingle arm
Operating Range520mm (3rd joint center)
Vertical Stroke20mm / 40mm
Payload Capacity2kg (calculated for the arm 3rd joint)

List of Product Model

Product ModelVertical Stroke
  • The image above and the video are of SVCR3260-040-PM.


Designed for handling wafers in the vacuum chamber of production line and inspection line.
Double payload and superior cost performance compared to SVHR series.
Compatible with SVHR series and it is possible to replace or upgrade into SVCR series.

  • Magnetic fluid sealing is used for arm joint.
  • Vacuum sealing: Magnetic fluid sealing and bellows are used.
  • For cleanliness: 5µm mesh filter installed for exhaust ventilation in the arm.
  • Motion monitoring is available.
  • RS232C and parallel photo I/O are standard for control.
  • 2-phase stepping motor installed in all axes.
  • Servo motor type is available.
  • High-speed, high-accuracy wafer handlingby S-curved speed control.
  • Wafer holding: end-effector with passive edge or edge grip type End-effector.
  • End-effector material: CFRP, Al, ceramic, or others.
  • Optimal end-effector is selectable according to the carrying object and line layout.

Standard Specifications

Representative specifications of SVCR3260-040-PM.
It can be changed depending on the carrying object and end-effector type.
Specifications of Robot
Robot Model SVCR3260-040-PM
Carrying Object Wafer up to 300mm
Robot Model Type Cylindrical coordinate type Control Axis 3-axis
Motor Type Stepping motor
Operating Range 3rd joint center Rotation Angle (Theta-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)
520mm 330deg 40mm
Carrying Speed (Ave.) Arm (R-axis) Rotation Angle (Theta-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)
300mm/sec 120deg/sec 20mm/sec
Carrying Speed (Max.) Arm (R-axis) Rotation Angle (Theta-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)
550mm/sec 170deg/sec 30mm/sec
Resolution Arm (R-axis) Rotation Angle (Theta-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)
Below 82µm 0.009deg 1.25µm
Handling level 98mm (Mounting level to upper end-effector level
Repeatability Within ±0.1mm
Cleanliness Magnetic fluid sealing and filter
Vacuum resistance 1.33×10-6Pa
Utility Power: DC24V±10% 8A
Specifications of Controller
Controller Model C4000 series
Interface RS232C and parallel photo I/O
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