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Standard Data Copy Manual

This manual describes the procedures to copy data inside a controller to another controller by JELDATA3.
Standard data is default setting including following 4 data.

  1. Teaching data
  2. Speed data
  3. Compound command data
  4. Parameter data (*)
    (*) may not be registered depending on the robot model.

JEL is not liable for any robot damage or other defects occurring from the work conducted by a customer.

JELDATA3 Standard Data Copy Manual
1. Setting of the controller for communication
2. Checking of communication
3. Saving controller data into PC
4. Sending data in PC to another controller and storing (data copy)
5. Menu

JELDATA3 Operation Manual

Operation Manual
1. Software Outline
2. Operating Environment
3. Precautions
4. Before Communication
5. Functions
6. File
7. Edit
8. Setup
Error Messages
1. Communication Errors
2. Errors Related to Files
3. Other Errors