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Bernoulli Type End-Effector(Non-contact type)

Bernoulli End-Effector(Non-contact type)

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Model NameBernoulli End-Effector(Non-contact type)

Mechanism of Bernoulli End-Effector (Non-contact type)


  • Low cost end-effector for thin or warped wafers using the Bernoulli principle
  • Available for any types of JEL atmospheric robots
  • Suitable design solutions with evaluation using sample wafers based on customer's request about the wafer conditions
  • Avoid displacement by the guide at the edges during operation
  • Wafers are lifted without contacting end-effector except the edges
  • One size of wafer per one end-effector
  • Suitable for thin wafers as the Bernoulli end-effector applies pressure to wider area of wafer compared to the vacuum suction type end-effector
  • Useful for the wafers which cannot be contacted for both sides

Standard Specifications

Material Aluminum
Surface treatment Black alumite
Wafer holding By the Bernoulli’s principle using Cyclone pad and guide (PEEK)
Various materials available for the contact area
Utility 30 to 80 L/min
(Varies depending on the wafer condition)

Please contact us for the detailed specifications.

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