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Bernoulli Type End-Effector (Contact type)

Bernoulli End-Effector (Contact type)

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Model NameBernoulli End-Effector (Contact type)

Mechanism of Bernoulli End-Effector (Contact type)


  • Low cost end-effector for thin or warped wafers using the Bernoulli principle
  • Available for any types of JEL atmospheric robots
  • Suitable design solutions with evaluation using sample wafers based on customer's request about the wafer conditions
  • Wafer holding by the friction rubber to avoid displacement during operation
  • Capable of handling different size of wafers with one end-effector (*Depending on the wafer size)
    Thinner than the non-contact type Bernoulli end-effector
  • Suitable for thin wafers as the Bernoulli end-effector applies pressure to wider area of wafer compared to the vacuum suction type end-effector

Standard Specifications

Material Aluminum
Surface treatment Black alumite
Wafer holding By the Bernoulli’s principle using Cyclone pad and friction rubber (H-NBR)
Various materials available for the contact area
Utility 30 to 80 L/min
(Varies depending on the wafer condition)

Please contact us for the detailed specifications.

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