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SC-YW-227Vacuum Type End-Effector


Usage Environment/Specifications

Product Profile

Model NameSC-YW-227
Carrying Size100 to 300mm
Carrying ObjectMainly silicon wafer


Y-shaped vacuum suction type end-effector, suitable for handling wafer from 100 to 300mm (Random access is available).
Used extensively for atmospheric robot, the end-effector holds the backside of wafer by vacuum suction (negative pressure).
Conductive Teflon coating on the surface of end-effector protects against damage from charging.

Standard Specifications

Carrying Object SEMI standard 100 to 300mm (Mainly silicon wafer)
Material High purity alumina ceramic sintered body
Surface Treatment Conductive Teflon coating
Wafer Holding Method Vacuum suction
Total Length 227mm
Thickness 2mm

Please contact us for the detailed specifications.

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