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MTCR41604-Axis Cylindrical Coordinate Clean Robot


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Product Profile

Model NameMTCR4160
EnvironmentClean room atmosphere
ArmTwin arm
Operating Range315mm (3rd joint center)
Vertical Stroke300mm / 400mm / 500mm
Payload Capacity4kg (calculated for the arm 3rd joint)

List of Product Model

Product ModelVertical Stroke
  • The image above and the video are of MTCR4160-300-AM.


Designed for handling 300mm wafers in a production line or inspection line of semiconductor.
High-speed handling by AC servo motor and superior cost performance compared to MTHR type.
Certified CE marking.
Execution of origin search is not required by using the servo motors with absolute encoders.

  • Arm lineup: 160mm, 200mm
  • Twin-arm reduces the wafer swap time.
  • Base or flange mounting type is selectable.
  • Motion monitoring is available.
  • RS232C and parallel photo I/O are standard for control.
  • AC servo motor installed in all axes.
  • High-speed, high-accuracy wafer handlingby S-curved speed control.
  • Wafer holding: end-effector with vacuum suction, passive edge, edge grip, or Bernoulli type End-effector.
  • End-effector material: CFRP, Al, ceramic, or others.
  • Optimal end-effector is selectable according to the carrying object and line layout.

Standard Specifications

Example of standard specifications with JEL standard end-effector (vacuum type)
Specifications of Robot
Robot Model MTCR4160-300-AM
Carrying Object Wafer up to 300mm
Wafer Holding Method By vacuum suction
Robot Model Type Cylindrical coordinate type Control Axis 4-axis
Motor Type AC servo motor
Operating Range From the robot center to the wafer center Rotation Angle (Theta-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)
575mm 340deg 300mm
Carrying Speed(Ave.) Arm (R-axis) Rotation Angle (Theta-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)
850mm/sec 340deg/sec 330mm/sec
Carrying Speed (Max.) Arm (R-axis) Rotation Angle (Theta-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)
1800mm/sec 550deg/sec 500mm/sec
Resolution Arm (R-axis) Rotation Angle (Theta-axis) Vertical Stroke (Z-axis)
Below 9.82µm 0.0015deg 1.96µm
Handling level 674.5mm (Base mounting level to end-effector level)
Repeatability Within ±0.1mm
Cleanliness ISO Class 2 (at wafer transfer level when exhausting driving part)
Utility Power: AC200V single phase ±10% 3kVA; Vacuum: -53kPa or more
Specifications of Controller
Controller Model C5000S series
Interface RS232C and parallel photo I/O
Outline Drawing (Standard)


Model Name Size of Carrying Object End-effector Type (Thickness) Wafer Holding Method
SC-IW-200 3 inch, 100mm to 200mm I-shape (2mm) Vacuum suction
SC-IW-240 3 inch, 100mm to 300mm I-shape (2mm) Vacuum suction
SC-YW-200 100mm to 200mm Y-shape (2mm) Vacuum suction
SC-YW-227 100mm to 300mm Y-shape (2mm) Vacuum suction
SC-YW-240 100mm to 300mm Y-shape (2mm) Vacuum suction
3D-02229 150mm~300mm Y-shape (2mm) Vacuum suction
SC3-YW-240 300mm Y-shape (3mm) Vacuum suction
3D-01661 300mm Y-shape (3mm) Vacuum suction
SC3-IW-240 300mm I-shape (3mm) Vacuum suction

*The table above shows the specifications of JEL standard end-effectors. The other specifications are available.
*Click the items below to review the end-effectors other than JEL standard types.

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