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Closed-loop Control

In addition to the regular stepping motor and servo motor, the closed-loop type stepping motor has been newly included in our lineup for the drive motor of robot.
The closed-loop type stepping motor is used in SCR3000CSN series and STCR4000SN series.

In our product model name, "SM" is added in the end for the robot using the closed-loop type stepping motor.

What is closed-loop control?

The closed-loop control stepping motor has a feedback function which is a characteristics of the servo motor.
The rotation-axis and the speed of the motor drive are detected by the rotation detection device (encoder) and are fed back to the motor driver.
The closed-loop control is operated so that the difference between the feedback and the rotate instruction that have been previously input from the controller to motor driver will be within a designated deviation.

Characteristics of closed-loop control

  1. 1. Reliability of positioning will improve.
  2. 2. No step-out error under rapid load change, while open-loop type stepping motor may cause a step-out.
  3. 3. Deviation is judged by the feedback so that overload detection is enabled.

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