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SORTER SYSTEM (4-port inline type with 300 wafers/h throughput)

SORTER SYSTEM(300 wafers/h)

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Usage Environment/Specifications

Product Profile

EnvironmentClean room atmosphere
Wafer Size300mm
Carrying ObjectSilicon wafer
Contact us for the detailed specifications.
Throughput300 wafers/h
  • The image above and the video are of SORTER SYSTEM (4-port inline type with 300 wafers/h throughput).


  • Compliance : SEMI Standard (E15.1-0600, E57-0600, E62-0999, E63-0600, E64-0600)
  • Aligner with buffer function is available for high-throughput.
  • Wafer ID reader is available. (Reading both sides of wafer is an option)

Standard Specifications

Standard specifications for 4-port inline type (Robot 1 set, Track 1 set)
Carrier 300mm FOUP (for 25 wafers)   Compliance: SEMI E47.1, E62
Carrying Object 300mm Silicon wafer   (Thickness: 775µm)
Throughput 300 wafers/h
Cleanliness ISO Class 2 (when equipped with FFU)
Dimension W 1250mm x D 2500mm x H 1900mm
Mass Approx. 800kg
Utility Power: AC200V Single phase ±10% 2kVA
Dry air: 0.5MPa±10%
Vacuum: -53kPa or more


Other Option

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