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SEMICON Japan 2012

SEMICON Japan2012

Thank you for coming Semicon Japan 2010. We exhibited our new products.
For more product information, please go to the products page or contact us.

Date: Wed., December 5 - Fri., December 7, 2012
Venue: Makuhari Messe, Chiba Japan
JEL booth: No. 4B-607

Products for Exhibition

Clean robot & Aligner for handling 450mm wafers:
GTCR5365-420-AM/MTCR4240-420-AM with slider/SAL3CJ1

We present the robot and aligner for handling 450 mm wafers.
One is accessible horizontally without a slider and the other with a slider.
We introduce you to the best transfer option.

Bernoulli type end-effector for thin or warped wafers(manufactured by JEL)

 Bernoulli type End-effector

We have developed the low-cost Bernoulli type end-effector.
As an ideal end-effector for thin and warped wafers, we provide the Bernoulli type end-effector at its most suitable design according to the customers’ system layout.
In the exhibition you can test it using 300mm wafers or you can bring 150mm-300mm wafers for the test.

Twin-arm clean robot with flip unit & Aligner for handling thin, 150mm and 200mm wafers:
NEW STCR4160S-300-PM(Tentative)/SAL3481

We introduce you to transfer for thin wafers by using our Bernoulli type end-effector.
With twin-arm flip unit robot, we demonstrate transfer for thin, 150mm and 200mm wafers.
Aligner for thin wafers, which can handle 150mm and 200mm wafers alike, will also be introduced.
Flip unit is installed at both arms to handle both 150mm and 200mm wafers simultaneously.

Compact clean robot & Aligner for handling 2-3-inch, 100-150mm wafers:

One robot and one aligner can handle 2-3-inch, 100-150mm wafers.
We offer the compact system with flexibility.

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