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SEMICON Taiwan 2012

SEMICON Taiwan 2012

Thank you very much for coming to our exhibition booth at SEMICON Taiwan 2012 during September 5-7. For more information on our products as well as the exhibited products below, please go to the product page or contact us.

Date: September 5, 2012 - September 7, 2012
Venue: TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall
Booth: No. 324

Products for Exhibition

Bernoulli Type End-effector for 6-12 inches

SCR3100S-200-PM(Bernoulli type)

We demonstrated how the bernoulli type end-effector for 6-12 inches holds sample wafers.
・Bernoulli type End-effector is a low-cost type suitable to accommodate thin or warped wafer.
・It is available to any type of our atmospheric robot.
・JEL provides the most suitable design according to your arbitrary shapes such as the size of wafer, its warp or thickness by taking sample wafer tests.

SCR3100S-200-PM (Bernoulli type)

SCR3100S-200-PM(Bernoulli type)

Developed low-cost type end-effector to meet the request of many customers. JEL has proposed the most suitable shape of end-effector according to your concept and layout.



One robot and an aligner can handle 2-6-inch wafer, which offers small footprint.

Loader/Unloader System for Batch Processing of Trays or Susceptors :SSY-10020


Developed automatic loader/unloader system for batch processing such as trays or susceptors. JEL has proposed the most suitable system according to your concept and layout.

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