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Frequently Asked Question

A: Check the serial number (6 to 8 digit number) first.
In the case of error, please tell us the error code and the content of the error.

A: The serial number (6-to 8-digit number) is labeled or incised mainly on the lower part of connectors of robot/aligner, and the side of LED of controller.
The error code is displayed on the controller LED.

See where to find the serial No.

See where to find the error code.

A: Although it varies depending on the robot models, users are recommended to have annual regular inspection by JEL.
Please refer to the inspection manual included in the shipment.

A: Check the controller setting and status.
Check if the select switch (R/T) of the controller is set to the T side.
Disconnect the RS232C cable.
Make sure the teaching box connector has not been come off.
Please note that some controllers have the interlock function.

A: Check if power supply is as specified in the specification.
When EMG terminal is OPEN, the power will not be turned on.
Please refer to the specification for the interlock and the power up procedures.

A: When the input value for speed setting is out of range, you cannot change the setting.
Data writing is required after speed setting.
Please follow the procedure for EEPROM data writing.
(See the instruction manual as the procedure varies depending on the models.)

A: The vertical movement with the arm extended is restricted with the setting.
Check the operating range and change the setting of vertical movement according to the instruction manual.

A: Select the robot model for the software from the robot and controller type.
Choose the corresponding robot model from the list.
If your robot type is not in a list, please tell us your robot serial number.
We will contact you the corresponding robot model.

A: If other software is opened, close it.
Check if the communication port of the computer is OPEN.
Check if the opened port is available.
Check if the communication cable specs are the same as those in the Control Specifications.
Check if the select switch "0" is selected.
Check if the teaching box is not displayed.

A: You can save data with the accompanying software JELDATA3 and the dedicated communication cable.

A: Body number is a recognition number to identify the corresponding controller to output commands when connecting several controllers.
In standard setting, the body number of robot is set as 1 and aligner as 2.