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SAL30J1HV (For 450mm wafer) Wafer Aligner


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Usage Environment/Specifications

Product Profile

Product ModelSAL30J1HV
EnvironmentClean room atmosphere
Wafer Size450mm
Carrying ObjectSilicon wafer
(with T7 code or notch)
  • This video shows GCR4280-420-AM and SAL30J1HV.

    *The monitor is for demonstration only.


For handling 450mm notchless wafer

  • High-speed and High-accuracy positioning based on the wafer edge, T7 code or notch for 450mm Silicon wafer.
  • Equipped with JEL-developed image sensor, and internal motor driver and controller.
  • Size, shape, material of spindle can be changed according to the wafer type.
  • Control: RS232C and parallel photo I/O
  • Aligner for 450mm and 300mm wafer is available with the same footprint.
  • Optional Z-axis for pick-up/place operation is available.

Standard Specifications

Carrying Object SEMI standard 450mm Silicon wafer (with T7 code or notch)
Positioning Accuracy Centering: Within ±0.1mm
Locating: Within ±0.1deg
Positioning Time Within 4 sec.
Sensor LED light, wafer edge detection with image sensor unit
Positioning Offset Range Within 8mm radius
Wafer Holding Method By vacuum suction
Cleanliness ISO Class 2 (at wafer transfer level when exhausting driving part)
Mass Approx.18kg
Utility Power: DC24V±10% 3A    Vacuum: -53kPa or more
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